Thistle Do

The catalyst for this work was a scientific study that found thistle plants that were subjected to higher Co2 emissions grew longer white hairs. 

Thistle Do, examines the thistle as a mutant, a resistance, a triffid-like harbinger of climate change. 

Image of work installed in my studio.
Thistle papus, fishing line, glue. 

Thistle Do, is made from more than 50 threads of thistles, using 10,000 plus individual thistles strung onto clear line and hung from the ceiling.

The threaded thistles are affected by air movement and temperature changes; swaying gently and waving tentacle-like across the space.

Images are work installed in my studio.
The thistle’s responded to heat and movement. They follow me when I walk by them. If I add heat they float and buck.

Video demonstration of work.
A mass of wishes.
Hours spent chasing fluff on a breeze.
The undesirable spreading of a vicious weed.
Time and labour.

Images of thistle collection and project research.