New Trends for Houseplants.

This project reimagined the weed as a houseplant.

The houseplant’s existence is dependent entirely on a person remembering to water it.
The houseplant will rarely reproduce, it is rarely pollinated and cannot expand any larger than it's pot will allow. It is subject to fashion. Safe, beautiful and predictable.
If it ceases to be any of these things it is easily disposed of and replaced with a more compliant specimen.

In contrast, the weed reproduces widely. Attempts to exterminate it are met with with resilience and creativity. It refuses human attention, and in this way it may be seen as hostile entity. A force exiting just below the surface waiting to rise up and subvert your garden bed.

Image installation view from Seventh Gallery.

Is the houseplant weed now tamed?
Has it been rehabilitated or is it a kind of sleeper cell?  
Can you fully trust it? Will it drop leaves?
Will it poison your cat, or child?

Exerpt from video work, original 12 minutes, looping.

This work began an ongoing facination with the intersection of houseplants and wild plants.

Weed collection and images made in research of this work.