Affectionate Girlfriend occurred over a period of 30 days.

Each day the artist gave a small gift to her boyfriend. He accepted the gifts with varying degrees of acknowledgment, but did not realise they were a part of a larger experiment.

His responses were then monitored, manipulated and documented.

The documentation was presented in three parts: 
A coded display of the objects. 
An interview.
A charm bracelet.

Image stills from interview video.

Project Rules

  1. One object gifted each day for 30 days.
  2. Must give Boyfriend the gift, cannot say
    it came from another person.
  3. Boyfriend is not to know about the project.

The Gifts. 

The gift objects were small, everyday items. 
Things that might not neccesaritly be constreud as a “gift” but when given to a partner, represent an everyday thoughtfullness I was attempting to cultivate. 

Images: Some of the gift items given.
The interview was conducted about 6 months after the gifts were given. The Boyfriend was interviewed about his thoughts and recollection of the gift objects. 

Video: edited version of original artwork.

Pressure to be affectionate, thoughtful, charming, was the key motivation for this project.  The charm bracelet was contructed from 34 individual 3D printed charms. 

The charms were modelled from the original objects in 3D and then 3D printed in stainless steel.

3D printed stainless steel on silver bracelet. 
34 charmes in total, 30 representing the gifts given and 4 representing the gifts recieved.

The gifts were made into resin objects and  shown as part of my masters exhibition.

The chart documents dates, the way the gift objects were recieved, moon cycles and what if anything was given in response.

Installation images from VCA Graduate show.